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How Is Twitter A Ground-Breaker When It Comes To Social Media Marketing?

A platform with 83% of world leaders, Twitter has been a platform for trends to embark. Lately, it has mainly been lauded for the insights and infotainment content that it bombards its users with. So, how did it turn out to be a game-changer in regard to social media marketing?

Significance Of Social Media Marketing:

Lyfe, a marketing web page, reported a business' sales hike by 714% due to effective outreach on social media.

It doesn't just set the tone for a firm to have a better hold of its existing customers but also lets the firm's market be expanded while delving into advertising a value that the firm caters to and promote trends and in turn let those trends promote its products and services.

The Reason Why SMM (Social Media Marketing) Is So Effective:

If it weren't for social media one might not have been tempted to read this blog or have been influenced to discover and adapt to trends in order to stay relevant.

It's simply because social media holds a mega-power to affect and shape consumer behavior like no other means of traditional marketing.

Twitter's Role:

With over 363 million users across the globe, this social media platform has been catering as a space for a smooth course of contemporary discussions which businesses seek to actively capitalize upon. The very reason that MNCs like McDonald’s employs workers in double digits to handle their Twitter account.

Additionally, innumerable crypto coins like Etherum, Doge, and Bitcoin have received a lot of engagement lately and have been favored by the youth audience that Twitter has to offer with 55.6% of its users from 18-34 age group.

5 Steps To Hike Sales On Twitter:


In order to post regularly, it is advisable to think about what type of content you seek to post in regard to the trends making sure of not overdoing them. If you're thinking of posting a thread on the advantages of your services offered, it is likely that the other day if you post a thread encompassing a lot of content, say, regarding applications of your services, considering it wordy, people might skip devoting time on it.

Keep in mind that tweets cannot be edited once posted, so that makes it all the more important to create a content calendar.


Proper verbiage and the use of hashtags can ensure a boost in a tweet's engagement by over 100%. Research from Twitter second the fact that if only 1-2 hashtags are used, a tweet can gain 21% more engagement however if a tweet has more hashtags then it is likely to get 17% less engagement.

Along with this, having an attractive profile image, header's image, location, link to your website, and curating lists helping you classify your tweets will help you have improved engagement.


An average business account on Twitter has 14.7 thousand followers and to keep up with twitter algorithms and increase engagement, it is significant to check the data of your users and to customize your content such that it caters to them. For example, your followers are 80% Indians then illustrations that Indians can seek resonance with can be posted.

It should be noted that only a lot of insightful content wouldn't be able to captivate traffic but content that also shares personal experiences of customers or an influencer's promotion can let your profile have a greater balance.


Assessment of tweets and what sort of engagement is quintessential! You can check which post is getting the maximum response and set an accord to post those when your majority of followers are active. This will help you have an idea of what sort of content is helping you have a greater reach and then focus on those. Keeping an eye on your competitors' content and assessing their way of approaching Twitter should most definitely be assessed too.


After figuring out the content that is preferred by your audience, purchasing ads on Twitter can be a way to go. Visual content and Twitter polls have been evidenced to perform a lot better than usual ones.

The plus point with Twitter is that there is no minimum spend required for an ad, it can be customized as per your wish to spend, in Twitter terminology, your bid as in the amount that you're willing to pay and other aspects like how big and engaging is your ad campaign.


With tweets being sold as NFTs and different subjects like crypto-currency and political discussions finding it's root on Twitter, it sure can be sought as an upcoming social media platform that would for the years to come bloom even more.

With 86% of Twitter's revenue coming from advertising, do you believe Twitter to be a breeding ground for your business?

If this seems a lot to handle, not to worry, digital marketing firms like Digital Raone can cater to your business and help you reap all Twitter-related benefits at a super nominal cost!

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