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Five crypto coins to buy in your 20s

There hardly is a person in their 20s who hasn't thought about investing in crypto and why wouldn't they have had, cryptocurrency is a fast money compounding investment vehicle, it's in fact with the right platform, secure and it sure is trending all over the globe. This is supported by Fordes' research stating that over 31% of people in their 20s have invested in cryptocurrencies.

During the 20s, one is seeking options to build security for their plans, be it career switches or for personal affairs. Returns from crypto investments have the potential to offer one some stability and resources to afford such conventional 20s plans.

Following are some cryptocurrencies with promising futures that sure can be helpful for long-term investments for folks in their twenties.

1. Ethereum

This well-known software platform with its currency ether has been known for its splendid increase in its market cap from a mere $0.1 million in 2015 to $549 million in 2021.

This surely can be seen coming when it comes to must invest crypto coins due to its almost unreal growth. There are a lot of reasons which justify Ethereum being amongst the top crypto investment options.

- The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin during the early years of its conceivement had released a project, “Colored Coins" through which the NFT market evolved. Due to the eminent role that Ethereum holds in the establishment of NFTs, it becomes all the more key crypto due to NFTs' expeditiously growing usage.

- Ethereum blockchain has been flourishing due to a lot of full nodes joining in. Full nodes are the ones who store the history of transactions and information on the blockchain via tools like block explorers, unlike miners. Anyone can be a full node provided they have the system and knowledge to cater to it.

2. Bitgert

This is an underrated coin, the first to have announced its gasless blockchain wherein investors would be able to transfer tokens without having to pay for gas. Following this news, no wonder Bitgert became the biggest gainer in the crypto world lately, also getting to have other cryptocurrencies like Safemoon, Metahero, Babydoge, etcetera onboard.

It can surely be predicted that post the start of the development of this gasless blockchain, more crypto community members would join in, hiking the market cap of the coin in no time!

Bitgert also introduced four super sorted products, all this, just post 200 days of its launch date and has also announced two more upcoming products which also makes Bitgert all the more investible.

3. Ripple (XRP)

XRP is another example of a paramount altcoin (coins other than bitcoin) due to its products in the finance domain which are developed by Ripple Labs inclusive of exchanges of assets and payment settlement among others.

At the outset of the crypto era in the early 2010s, XRP's purpose was to serve as an intermediary during exchanges of two currencies which it has been living up with, now being defined as a global payments network, catering to major banks and financial services.

Thus, due to Ripple's stable base, expansive reach, widening customer base, and products, it sure can be considered as a wise option for long-term investments.

4. Tether

Having a certain sense of stability in this volatile market is surely needed and tether has many times been tagged as the most stable crypto coin as it's supported by multiple currencies like US dollars, Euro, and Japanese Yen. So, its value has been observed as a more consistent one than any other cryptocurrency.

Despite stability, it doesn't compromise with growth and has been amongst the top valued coins since its inception. It maintains 1 is to 1 value in tandem with the US dollar catering to exchanges without transaction costs. It also offers other quicker and cost-effective ways to transfer the returns from other coins to Tether than to USD.

5. Bitcoin

It is so unlikely to think of top cryptocurrencies to invest in and not think of BTC. Bitcoin is the most accomplished and oldest cryptocurrency which has incited the hype created around the world for blockchain technology and investments in cryptocurrencies. It was also evident that in January 2022 Bitcoin tokens were growing the most and maintaining the uppermost position in every and any chart.

One of the major reasons for the same is the acceptance of Bitcoin as a mode of payment via crypto wallets by innumerable financial institutions and many other companies, following Bitcoin being stated as a legal tender by El Salvador and the thoughts of other Latin American countries following suit. In fact in India, wherein 30% tax was imposed on transactions of cryptocurrencies, crypto unions are in talks with established private banks like HDFC to legalize payments made by Bitcoin for their institutions.

Also due to this understated fact that there'll be only 21 million tokens of Bitcoin that'll ever be made and the closer it gets to its limit, the more pricey it will get. Its price rising from 367 U.S. dollars in January 2016 to 44,388 U.S. dollars as of February 2022 is a testimonial that it has pegged to the reason of its start post the 2008 financial collapse, to serve as a wealth compounder by its creator, Santoshi Nakamoto.

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